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Raja is an app to monitor pregnancy and provide education; designed for healthcare workers in remote villages in India. With the rapid advancement of technologies and the falling device cost, the smart phone is the ideal device for improving health care. By the end of 2015, three quarters of India has been covered by a 4G network. Creating Raja consisted of academic research, empathy maps, personas, and user testing. Raja has an easy to use interface with minimal text to prevent illiteracy being a barrier of use.

Summary of research
India’s rural health system places primary emphasis on maternal and child health in the village. India has the highest absolute number of maternal deaths worldwide, accounting for more than 20% that occur globally. Nearly all these cases are preventable with proper information and care.

For example, anemia, is the cause of nearly a fifth of all maternal deaths in India, but is highly treatable with iron and vitamin supplements.

What is the problem?
Health workers face challenges due to resistance to change in the village, and because of their limited education, training and status. These factors reduce the motivation of health workers and impair their performance.

How to solve the problem?
Education and motivating the ASHA
Persuading pregnant women in the village to utilize health services. Creating an app that focuses on education and participation.
1. Education Library
2. Patient Registration
Low-literate interface
Focus on shapes, icons and colour.

By educating the most stigmatized, we are able to see the power of the individual and give credit to her work and value despite her gender, caste, religion and illiteracy.